Thursday, March 24, 2011

Boys in beanies...

Is it just me or does a beanie make every guy cuter? I definitely have girlfriends that don't agree, but I think it's hot! This post was inspired by a cute guy in Whole Foods yesterday. It's also a clear sign that T needs to get back from her amazing vacay and start blogging . . . otherwise we may have a lot of posts like this in the future. ;)

Hang in there, friends, it's almost Friday! xo
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  1. There's definitely something charming and cozy about it. I have to agree.


  2. SO CUTE. loving this. got to get my honey a beanie it looks like! :)

  3. love, love, love it!!!!!!! i totally agree with you.
    jude, jake and becks all in 1 post... my heart can barely handle it!!!! :)

  4. I think some can pull it off and some can look homeless lol - it's a fine line :)

  5. Josh Hartnett is by far the best one. . . :)


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