Monday, December 19, 2011

have to see it on :: mullet skirt

we have a new recurring post to bring to you called "have to see it on"! there are so many trends that you see on the hanger and immediately write off, but once you see someone rockin' it, you're like, "hmmm, i kinda like it!". our first post is about the mullet skirt (also called the hi-low skirt). we'd seen this look in stores & we kinda thought, "eh.", but our good friend vivian had the raddest skirt on in bali and we both were obsessed. then it seemed like we saw a lot of hip, fashionistas rocking this look in bali!

our cute friend, viv,  in bali

some we loved... 
urban - left // center & right

some looks from lookbook


  1. this is a such a good idea for a post series! You DO have to see this one on!

  2. I am so excited for this ladies! Ah-maz-ing.

  3. i'm loving these too. i just sent a "mullet" dress to my SIL for xmas. i'm going to convert her as well. oh and i just bought the asos one. yup.

  4. I love the ASOS one! Such a pretty color also.

  5. i was way ahead of the times when i wore a mullet dress to the 8th grade dance! ... and it was crushed velvet, do you think that'll make a comeback anytime soon?! ;) haha
    by the way, i love the asos one!!!


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