Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Smells like Nordstrom...

Have you all noticed that every Nordstrom smells the same when you first walk through the doors? I don't know if it's an intentional air freshener or if it's just the combination of fragrance and new clothes and shoes, but I love it.

Are you going to the Anniversary Sale? I know people get sooooo excited about it, but to be honest the very last thing I want to do right now is buy fall clothes! I feel like summer just started. We did see a few things in the catalog that caught our eye, though . . . see below.

Cute workout clothes motivate!

Loving big sweaters with slim pants.

We'll take one of each!

Love the rose-gold tone!

Kinda glamorous, right?


  1. I just got a $200 gift card to Nordstrom for my birthday!!! Woop! Woop!! Can't wait to spend it!....but...I just can't get myself to buy fall clothes right now either!

  2. I can't deny I love that Nordstrom signature smell... it smells like me wanting to spend mucho dinaro. I hear you on the not wanting to get in the fall groove just yet, though. Summer is when I'm in all my glory!

    p.s. Just found your blog. Liking it a lot!

  3. it's totally a smell thing, stores do that!

  4. SO excited! i'm trying to get there today for some pre-sale action! if anything, it's always a good time to stock up on hanky pankies!

  5. Yes Jules! I always need more hanky pankies! Nothing else compares!

  6. oh! hanky pankies are the best!! i need to get to nordys!


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