Thursday, December 31, 2009

the 3rd corner...

miss b is down in san diego right now, so we've been having tons of fun hanging out (and i think she needs to move her tiny butt back down here!)... we met up at my favorite local wine bar the other night and i thought i'd give a little shout out since it's never let me down.
the 3rd corner opened up down the street from my house (i could literally roll there if i wanted to) about a year ago... i was so happy because i'd heard people tell me how much they loved the one in ocean beach. once i tried it, i was in love too! their concept is genius - buy wine from them in their retail space (which is located within the restaurant) and then uncork your bottle for a small fee at your table. this way, you can enjoy fabulous tasting wine at an affordable price! honestly, they have so many kinds of wine to chose from and i've never had a bad bottle! (they have lots of yummy champagne options too)
on top of good wine, the food is great... i'm in love with their fries as well as their cheese platter... (and pretty much everything else i've had).  it's a quaint and inviting place to meet with friends over drinks.
so if you live in the san diego area and haven't tried this place yet, you should.
and make sure to let me know so i can meet you there! ;)

some of their retail space...

miss b & me hanging out in san diego together... (taken with my iphone)

ps - happy new year! hope everyone has a good one! miss b and i will be ringing in 2010 together so watch out encinitas!

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