Tuesday, February 2, 2010

v.day love

valentine's day is just around the corner... and i've been seeing the cutest things online this year.
here are just a few of my favs...

i adore these wooden cards from night owl paper goods...

 and then how "stinking" cute is this card? ... (ha! i know... i'm so cheesy i just wrote that)

{both above seen on OSBP}

if i had some more free time i would attempt to make something like these... 
how cute (and yummy) do these look? 
seen on mint

i love anything red velvet!

i'm in love with this idea and might have to do something similar since i'll be traveling for work this year on valentine's day. :( 

click here to see full post on how to make.


if you don't follow them already, you should check out these blogs. they have some great inspiration!


  1. mmm red velvet! i need to make those!

  2. perfect ideas!!!! love your blog taryn.

  3. Super cute! Love Color me Katie and I LOVE The Art of Racing in the Rain. Soooo good ;)


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