Monday, March 29, 2010

beach daze...

how was everyone's weekend?
i took tank for a walk on the beach friday and snapped some shots with my iphone... he cracks me up at the beach. he just loves the water so much and just goes crazy! so cute.

the shot on the right below makes me laugh... it sums up our whole walk! ha

i'm enjoying the amazing weather we are having in sd! but heard there's rain coming....


  1. he is SO adorable! i just love your photos too:)

  2. your doggy is too adorable! love these photos! what app are you using on your phone to make them look like that?

  3. thanks ladies!
    i took these with the cross process app

  4. So much fun! Oh how I miss the beach! Living up here in MN, we don't have many of them :-(


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