Friday, March 26, 2010

Going, going, back, back to Cali, Cali...

Not for good, just to celebrate my 30th next month. I cannot WAIT to see my family and friends, especially Miss Taryn for a bloody mary or two. I was perusing the F21 website for some cheap summer clothes, crossing my fingers that Portland is really going to see some sun this weekend and I found this.

Um, LOVE. And for $7, I might just buy it to clean house in.

Have a fun and hopefully sun-filled weekend, peeps!


  1. yay! big b is coming to SD for the big 3-0!! :D
    i'm so excited!
    love this find... so cute.

  2. You will look very cute cleaning house! Love F21. Maybe we can grab a drink when you're here? I'm sure you'll be super busy, but K.I.T. for sure.

  3. Haydee - I would love to see you when I'm down! I'll send you a message on facebook and get your number, it'd be great to catch up!

  4. krissy!! when will you be here?! i want to see you since i missed you last time! xoxo

  5. ladies... let's all go out for krissy's big birthday!!! :D


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