Thursday, March 4, 2010

sita therese

my amazing friend, sita (who you might recognize from the photos i took at her wedding in cabo if you follow my photograhpy blog) is an extremely talented artist. we work together and had the chance to travel together in costa rica... and both being creative, we love to bounce ideas off each other and try to inspire one another to get our creative juices flowin'...

i love her style of painting...  check out this skateboard that she painted as a gift to dave and i right after we got (the love of our lives)... mr tank! how insanely cute is this?! :)

so last month, while we were chatting, we came up with the idea to attempt a collaboration together... combining my love for photography and her love for painting. Sita cruised over to my place after our weekly "yoga church" sunday morning class with tom (which i highly recommend for any spirtiual peeps our there who love some good motivation + yoga) -- and we began our first piece. We went through some of my old photos and decided on this one here that i took of a flight of birds...

i printed it up a bunch of times in different sizes, cropped portions and we gesso'd it to a canvas.  we cut up this photo i took of another bird and used this too. (i wish i had taken a photo of it before the painting began!) it looked pretty cool..

it was a huge mess... we were covered in sticky gesso, tank wanted to walk on the canvas... prints were being ripped off the canvas and re-gessoed on. we learned a lot about what not to do next time when using my photos (don't use a certain type of paper, etc) ... it was so crazy and we loved it.

sita then took it home and started painting away and created this amazing painting over the photo collage that she titled "love birds". I would have to say this first collab is about 20% me and 80% sita... but we plan to do more soon that will have more photography in them.

I still haven't seen the final piece in person, but from the photos sita posted on her blog here and here,  it looks so awesome. i promise to take a photo and post when i see the whole thing.

check out more of sita's cool designs on her blog.... sita therese designs

also -- how funny is this!? we both showed up to work today dressed like twins! we did not plan this... or call each other before work! i guess we just really think alike! so funny.....


  1. OMG, you guys are so freakin' cute! Love the outfit! Greta and I had almost the exact same outfit on yesterday! :)

  2. seriously, we were laughing so hard this morning...we had it down to the t-shirt color and all! we even both have a small silver necklace on. weird.

  3. That painting is AWESOME!! You both have so much talent!! and how cute are you two?

  4. i LOVE the deck and i can't wait for you to sell prints of your collaborations in your etsy store!

  5. oh my gosh that is too funny that you two showed up in practically the same thing! do you guys work at DC?

  6. thanks mel!

    julia - oh! good idea! :)

    hi liz - yes, we both work at DC.

  7. You both are such talented artists! I love the bird's silhouette on the wire in the background and the colors of the painting =)


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