Wednesday, March 24, 2010

some suits that might suit you...

spring is here... and swimsuit shopping has begun! 

adore the tiny ruffles on this one. love!

 some fun stripes... (in gray)

 love the small hit of metallic in this one
wow.. adore this one shoulder and so cute with the belt! 

another one by marc...


  1. Grey has turned into one of my favorite colors to wear! Love the stripes!

  2. Really liking that top one. I'm all about a one-piece this summer!

  3. i'm all about the one-piece this year too! this was the first year i've bought one since like... eh... i was in 3rd grade or something?!! haha

  4. ooh i want the gray anthro one! haydes and t, you and your tiny selves can totally pull of the one pieces! i think in 3rd grade i was wearing one pieces with a hole cut out in the tummy and back... remember those ones?! ha!


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