Monday, April 5, 2010

irina graewe

happy post easter/earthquake sunday! did you guys feel that? it was a long one for us so cal folks... kind of a reminder that we've been lucky these past years not having any big ones. 

i stumbled upon this interior designer named Irina Graewe this morning via trendland.
I think her stuff is so interesting...  take a peak at her website. lots of fun stuff to look at....

 and a little photo from one of my portrait sessions last week in carlsbad... it was an accident, but i love it!
... it reminds me of summer. :)

happy monday!
xo, t


  1. It was a long rolling quake this time! Eeks.

    Love the bright walls in the first two photos!

  2. Are you kidding? That photo was an accident? Um, LOVE!

  3. Your accident is absolutely inspiring. And these rooms? I love me some delicious color.

  4. a beautiful accident!


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