Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tunes I Love Tuesday: Coconut Records

Have you guys checked them out? It's Jason Schwartzman's band . . . you know him from the Darjeeling Limited and Rushmore. I love him as an actor and I'm loving this cd. My good friend Greta gave it to me to check out and I'm hooked. It's not new . . .but . . . it's new to me. So there!

I love both of these songs. Let me know what you think...

Happy Tuesday! xoxo


  1. oh... i haven't heard his stuff yet! love it.
    he was at the open ceremony party that karen and i went to in NY! :)

  2. oh yes, i absolutely love them! he is adorable and it reminds me of summertime.. perfect beach music!

  3. Pretty great tunes, thanks. Love when people crossover successfully.


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