Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Loving Nikki McClure...

How much do you love these images? She's a local-ish artist from Olympia, WA and for the past few years, one Christmas gift I can usually count on is a Nikki McClure calendar (thanks, mom!). I love starting each month with one of her simple images and a single word. It's almost like setting an intention for the month. She also has originals, children's books, prints, notecards, etc.. Amazingly enough, she creates these images using an X-acto knife and a single sheet of paper.

If there's a baby in your life, I highly recommend this board book . . . It makes it about halfway through the alphabet, starting with Awake and ending with Nap. Too cute.


  1. Very lovely indeed...striking the perfect balance between clean yet a touch of extreme detail :)

  2. i love these! so cute. i remember seeing these up in your place and loved it then too.
    ps - there's a late b-day gift finally on it's way to you! ;)


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