Monday, July 19, 2010

budget finds :: f21 lace up wedges

I'm trying to hold back on my spending more than ever lately.... so i was beyond happy when i scored these awesome shoes at forever 21 the other day! there were only $22 and surprisingly comfy... and i'm in love with them.

photo credits above unknown

I had been lusting over both the acne atacoma wedge and the jeffrey campbell x LF alexa wedges a while back... so this find made my day!

 and here's another score that shelby and i found on the same day at forever 21. it was a good day! ;)


  1. i love those!!!

  2. i love those! i want to go buy them RIGHTNOW!

  3. So totally cute! I want them too! I do not have a good eye for cheap shoes when I'm at F21 and Target, but always LOVE them when other people pick them out! I think that's a gift, T!

  4. Oh that is a good find! Super cute!

  5. These are great! Love F21 - they rule

  6. best feeling ever - when finding things like this :)


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