Thursday, July 29, 2010

poketo x target

check out the adorable stuff hitting target stores next month...
target teamed up with poketo, an LA-based arts collective that started with the simple idea of making art more accessible to people who couldn't afford it.  they work with all kinds of artists & designers to make limited edition runs of their art... giving them a chance to get their work seen by a much larger audience than they would doing art shows/galleries. 

the collection includes some super fun colored pieces, including wallets, tote bags, umbrellas, and key chains.

as if we all don't already end up buying more than we should when we step into target, now there's going to be even more temptation seeing how fun and cute this collection is!

full lookbook will be available on poketo on august 10th.

photos via poketo & nylon


  1. oh gosh...the saddest thing about moving here was that i don't have target around the corner anymore :(

  2. Good find, Taryn. Target keeps surprising me (I should know better by now). I know what store I'll be visiting next month!


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