Monday, July 12, 2010

Tunes I Love Tuesday: Carla Bruni

I honestly don't know much about Carla Bruni, just that she's an Italian model, she's incredibly sexy, she's the First Lady of France and she has a beautiful voice. It's enough for me! I don't even know what her songs are about, but I don't think I need to . . . her music is beautiful, it totally relaxes me and it makes me desperately want to sign up for a French class. Love.

I especially love the live versions of these songs. xo


  1. Ooh she is sexy! I have no idea what she's singing about but I would love to use these for our boudoir slideshows.

  2. Can you believe she's also an heiress?

  3. you know? it's mt first time hearing her singing and I love it... awesome acoustic versions too ;)

  4. i freaking love her! a gorgeous heiress with an amazing voice who's also a first lady... pretty nice life... kinda like mine! haha


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