Tuesday, September 14, 2010

30 days of paleo

have you heard of a paleo diet? I had never until one of my long time friends, arsy, told me about it.
it's very interesting and she just started a blog to help people focus on eating this way. i would attempt to explain more, but instead you should just head over to her site to read about it.
...and if you're up for the challenge, starting on September 19th she's going to walk you through a 30 day paleo diet.

i'm tempted to try it out for the 30 days... although i know it will be tough for me! but i'd love to see the results and how different it would make me feel. what do you think? would you be down to give it a try?


  1. Oooh, I've never heard of this diet! I can't wait to follow Arsy's blog. I think I pretty much eat this way anyway, but it's always great to learn about new recipes!

  2. This is very cool. I actually already eat like that -- except of course that I add baked goods in. But I do make them myself. So I'm sort of like hunter and gatherer and cook and baker. That's my vibe. I'm definitely going to follow along for these 30 days though and see what else I can learn.

  3. ive never heard of that diet! sounds interesting tho!


  4. this is really similar to how i eat too but i did a clean-eating cleanse and then re-introduced a few dairy items and a bit of whole wheat flours here and there... it seriously changed my life! i'm with krissy... i'll totally check out the blog for new recipes!


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