Friday, September 24, 2010

Bad bloggers!

Hi friends! Long time, no see! While I wish I could tell you that the Miss B and Hustle team have been chilling on the beach somewhere in a hammock, enjoying a end of summer vacay, in reality, we've both just been working our asses off! I am beyond buried at work and haven't had time to go to yoga, happy hour, blog, basically anything. The good news? More work for me = more money and I'm in desperate need of some new boots to "kick" off fall.

From what I hear, Taryn and team Joielala have been shooting weddings like 8 days week it seems like. Getting married soon? Having a baby? Need sexy shots for your sig other? Better book these ladies NOW. They're kinda like celebs, these days.

Anyway, we miss you dearly, please forgive us and check in next week!

Happy weekend! xoxo

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  1. forgiven! glad you're busy at work... that's definitely a good thing... for both of you!


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