Thursday, September 30, 2010

i heart jenks

have you guys watched world of jenks on mtv? i'm loving it (...and jenks himself is quite a cutie too!).
he's a 24 year old award winning filmmaker who takes you with him as he immerses himself into a different person's life each episode. he literally moves in with his subjects for a week and documents the reality these people live & the deep connection he makes with them. i just saw the episode where he "lives" with a young homeless girl for a week on the street. it was amazing.
here's the trailer from the facebook page...


  1. I don't have MTV! Bummer! He looks kinda hot! Miss you! xo

  2. i've never heard of that but it looks so good! sad i probably don't get it in english here :(

  3. Krissy...we are too old for MTV...I hate to tell you.

  4. Speak for yourself Scott! I'm heart.

  5. my sister was just telling me to watch this! i need to tune in!

  6. I saw one episode, it was pretty good and yes...he sure is cute!


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