Wednesday, September 8, 2010

let it rain

sometimes (just sometimes!) living in san diego, i wish it would rain a little more just so i wouldn't feel so funny wearing rain boots. it just doesn't rain enough... so if you wear them it's complete overkill.

but then i saw these cute rain booties... :)
see on nylon and Loeffler Randall

ps - san diego, i actually love the sunny weather you give us year round, so i can always go visit miss b to get my rain fix.  ;)


  1. so super cute. i live in portland so we have LOTS of rain to wear these in ;)

  2. OMG, I am in love with these boots. AND I have a definite need for them... hmmmm. Come see me and get some rain! It's been pouring this week! xoxo

  3. These are cute. And what do you mean it doesn't rain? I feel like that's all it did this past winter! I'm actually bringing my rain boots back with me because I can't take it anymore.

  4. These are just so cool!

  5. ooh i love these! they're actually the cheapest loeffler randall shoes i've ever seen too;) krissy is SO the proud new owner of these!


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