Monday, October 11, 2010

Halston Heritage

I can't decide if I love the Halston Heritage lamé or not. Do you? Where would you wear these pieces? I think the gold top is definitely do-able.

I do, however, adore this crinkled leather bag. And why does $395 seem so reasonable? Maybe because all of the other bags I've been drooling over today are 4-figures.

Happy Monday! xo

images from Net-a-porter


  1. I'm with ya, love outfit # 2 and would wear it in a heartbeat, love the bag as well but the rest is not for me....

  2. Unless you're a dancer on Solid Gold, lamé is off-limits!

  3. i want those thigh-high boots! i totally did a double take when i saw the halter jumper on shopbop but then reminded myself that i'm not cher (unfortunately for me) so i can't wear it.

  4. Yeah, those boots are fab. And if anyone could pull off a gold lamé jumper, you could, Jules!


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