Monday, November 22, 2010

Hair and teeth.

I think I need a new 'do. This "sunkissed" look I've been shooting for is looking a little more trashy, less classy these days.

So, I was at my dentist this morning and I saw this photo of Jessica Biel on the cover of New Beauty magazine. What do you think? Kinda hot, right?

PS: I have the most amazing dentist on the west coast. Dr. Raymond with Bling Dental absolutely rocks. Free teeth whitening with every appointment, massaging chairs, the Princess Bride playing on the ceiling above you and young, super nice, fashionable hygenists. He has a bit of a celeb following too! Shar Jackson and McKenzie Phillips both fly up to go to Bling and were at his 1 year anniversary party, which was at a club. Do you have a dentist this cool? Jealous? :)


  1. Wow! I want to go to your dentist! Mine is boring!

    and I just LOVE Jessica Biel! Love her...and her hair!

    see you soon?

  2. yes jealous. my dentist is a bit obsessed with elvis including figurines on the front desk and posters on the wall...could be worse?

  3. Okay-totally sold. Need Bling info stat. I love that Jessica Biel look for you-do it!

  4. wow... i can't believe how cool your dentist is! and i love her hair on this cover! LOVE... you should color yours like that. it makes me want to grow out my bangs too.

  5. Krissy! Get in to see your hair gal ASAP...that Jessica Biel look is a must!


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