Friday, December 17, 2010

Re-discovered: Cole Haan

You'll probably agree that a lot of brands are getting amazing facelifts right now (i.e. Gap) and I am all about it. I keep finding items I love and I'm constantly surprised when I find out who makes them, so I wanted to start a new, recurring post called "Re-discovered". I was at a friend's house earlier this week and she and her mother both had on fabulous boots. I was shocked to learn that they were both from Cole Haan! Cole Haan isn't a brand that's typically in the forefront of my mind, but it is now. I've weeded through much of the not-so-cute stuff and found the items you should all buy for yourselves for Christmas. You've been good this year, my friends.

Happy Friday! xoxo


  1. I never think of cole Haan either - specially for the price. but these are gorgeous finds! have a merry weekend yourself :)

  2. um... i'm loving that first one! wow.
    good find krissy!

  3. my mom always seems to have cute cole haan stuff but good to know that i could actually get benefit from some CUTE mom hand-me-downs!


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