Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Greece-y skin...

Miss T & I decided that our next big trip should be to Greece . . . (or, ya know, San Fran, New York, something easy)... but Greece someday, for SURE. For now, though, I'll settle on using their skincare products. (Do they even get wrinkles? I'm convinced they don't.)

On a recent visit to Blush Beauty Bar, in Portland, I discovered these inexpensive, little packets for face masks by Apivita. Keeping with my NY resolution to get more facials (and after much enthusiasm from the gal at the counter), I thought I'd give one a try and I think I'm in love. I tried one with fruit acids that "whitens and exfoliates" and my skin was so, so soft afterwards. Give 'em a whirl!


  1. how fun! i need to try these! yay to greece (or NY!)

  2. i vote for greece! go to mykonos... it's the most magical place on earth! xo


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