Monday, March 21, 2011

panama :: day two :: boquete

Happy Monday! Did everyone have a good weekend?
we wanted to share some more panama photos... :)
here are some from our 2nd day that we spent in the beautiful mountain town of boquete.

we woke up super early in panama city to catch our flight... (view from our hotel room in panama city)
our little plane...

the botanical gardens in boquete...

our puppy friend at breakfast...
our favorite things in panama (besides panama beer) - hojaldres

more from the botanical gardens...


  1. Gorgeous place! The photos are so beautiful - makes me want to hop a flight right now.

  2. amazing photos, t and, krissy, you look great with your dark hair!!

  3. Awesome photos! I'm heading to Panama in a few weeks and stumbled across your blog (love it, btw)! Wondering if you could tell me what camera and lenses you packed or used most often on your trip. I have the Canon 7D and trying to figure out what my best travel lens might be. THANKS!! :)

  4. hey kristal! omg... you're going to have so much fun!!! we loved panama! :) I have a Canon 5D Mark II -- & it's always so hard for me to decide what lenses to take when i travel! this trip i had to travel super light so i only took my 35mm 1.4 & shot everything with that. It's a good lens for travel because you can get wide enough landscape shots but still get depth of field for other shots too. hope that helps! safe travels & we can't wait to hear about it! xo


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