Monday, March 14, 2011

topshop london

i'm sure you all know how amazing topshop is.... but i'm serious when i tell you - if you ever find yourself in london, you MUST hit up the topshop flagship store in oxford circus!! 3 stories of fashion heaven -- (mostly) affordable fashions, new designers, boutique items, vintage, runway inspired pieces, an entire floor dedicated to accessories, and on and on! shelby & i got a chance to visit mob the giant store while we were in london and we went crazy! i only wish i had room in our luggage to bring back more.

i did however buy some stuff, but i can't find them online, so i'll have to share later.... but i am loving their snake valley inspired collection... a gypsy rocker-ish vibe. so many cute things... check it out!


  1. How fricken awesome, this trip sounds like the time of your life!! Have fun in South Africa! xo

  2. I am sooooooo coming with you next time!!

  3. I think you ladies must be the luckiest in the world. You get to take this awesome trip AND go to Topshop?? Too cool.

  4. love me some topshop! BUT it's so pricey in pounds. damn brits.


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