Monday, June 20, 2011

Maya Moon Designs

On Taryn's visit to PDX we stopped into one of my favorite NW stores, Lizard Lounge. We fell in love with these stripped leather bracelets by Maya Moon (thanks to the patient gal working there who kept unlocking the cases for us to try them on!). I bought one in orange and T bought one in beige and I get compliments every time I wear it! Each piece in the Maya Moon Collection is handcrafted by the artist in her Bend, Oregon studio. Produced on a made to order basis and entirely cut and crafted by hand, no two pieces are exactly alike. Loving her earrings, clutches and handbags, too!

Images from Maya Moon


  1. oooh.... i might need to buy some of those earrings! love my cuff! ;)

  2. wow, i love everything! especially those bracelets in the first pic!!!... and the orange bag... and the earrings... ok, all of it!


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