Friday, June 3, 2011

things we love, that you should love...

Happy Friday! We're going to do a recurring post called things we love, that you should love, because that's kind of how this blog started! We were constantly e-mailing each other about things we bought or found that the other one should check out! Enjoy!

K: I just found this wax for brows and I totally love it!

T: my friend katie got me into this stuff --- it's SOOO yummy in smoothies!

K: I love this blazer by Gibson. I literally throw it on over everything - great purchase! 

 T: a while back when i was buying some pink lipstick at mac, the mac girl convinced me i needed this stuff... i'm so happy she did, because this stuff rules! keeps your lips bright all night & no smudges or pink/red teeth!

K: It's neurotic, but I honestly buy one of these tanks every time I go to Target. I sleep in them, workout in them and layer them under aforementioned black blazer. They're the best!

 T: i'm a nail polish nut... and i'm loving this brand because of their "3 free" polish.  no formaldehyde. no toluene. no DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate). they also seem to come up with the most amazing colors! my new fav is the color above - artful dodger


  1. Love that polish color, T! And I love Coconut Oil!

  2. krissy, i too am obsessed with those target tanks. i couldn't even count how many i've bought over the past few years. i wear them constantly!

  3. love the blazer and the nail polish!xx


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