Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nailed it!

My co-worker Katie came into our office a few weeks ago and said, "I know what you need to blog about - Sally Hansen's real nail polish strips!!" She showed me her nails and they looked rad! I finally tried them a couple of days ago and, for the manicure-challenged like myself, these are a seriously cool product. They are super easy to use and I've gotten a lot of compliments on the color "Raise a Glass" - a super sparkly champagne color. Give 'em a try!


  1. I should try this since my self-applied manicures usually end up with 50% of the polish on my skin...

  2. Loved these, but when they did start to peel, I didn't know how to get them all the way off. Nail Polish remover didn't work well, so I ended up peeling them and ruining my fingers. If you find a better way to remove, let me know.

  3. ooh i love the gold! i suck at painting my nails too so if this is easier, count me in!

  4. Meant to mention how awesome your nails looked last night, especially with your rad ring!

  5. shelby wore these the entire time we were traveling in europe & SA and her nails always looked amazing (where mine were super sad!) -- i still need to try them out!


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