Friday, July 29, 2011

Vacation, finally!

I'm headed to San Diego tonight for 10 days to lay in the sun, shop, see some movies, catch up with friends and hang out with the fam. Oh and I have two weddings to attend! Fun! Can't WAIT! Most importantly it's Miss Taryn's birthday next week and you better believe we're gonna go big! We hope you have the best weekend ever! xoxo

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  1. can't wait to hang with you two!! xo

  2. ahh, this post really makes me want to jump in the car and do a serious roadtrip to the west. i have never been, so i think it needs to happen for me SOON! i just found your blog this afternoon and i am loving it... had to follow! looking forward to reading much more. have fun on vacay!

    -sarah from


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