Wednesday, August 17, 2011

revival :: aerosmith's cryin' video

remember when this video came out?? 
we were all so obsessed! we so wanted to be as bad-ass as alicia silverstone. 
this is a new recurring post we're excited to start doing! enjoy!

one: kimchi blue // two: a&f // three: urban // four: topshop // five: in god we trust // six: topshop // seven: chaser // eight: siwy


  1. Best post. Best video.

    Seriously was just talking about how badly I wanted to be her when I was younger... I had the whole outfit and tried the attitude (and failed miserably!). I was totally a good girl.

  2. rad, rad, rad!!! Love the new post idea and I totally remember when this video came out. Her climbing out of the window in her school uniform is burned into my memory.

  3. Taryn, this was absolutely the coolest blast from the past I've had in a long time. Seriously crazy video and I love the collections you put together for it. I kinda wanted to be these girls...except I totally wasn't that bold.

  4. yesss! i posted this video a little while ago too because it is the one thing that immediately sends me back to junior high and being a total tomboy. i used to get compared to steven tyler then, which i totally took as a compliment;)

  5. p.s. you know i'm looking forward to seeing what you post for this series!


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