Friday, September 16, 2011

things we love, that you should love...

Sorry we've been MIA! Happy Friday! Here are a few things we love that you're probably gonna want to get, too! xo, T & K

t: target find.. only $29 and i love them!

k: If you suffer from ingrown hairs after waxing, this s%$@ works. For reals. It's made by a local Portlander, owner of Urban Waxx studio and it's seriously the bomb.

t: google catalogs app for ipad -- have you guys seen this yet? another brilliant idea from google - all your favorite catalogs in one spot! you can subscribe to catalogs you want to receive, browse by category, and shop directly from each catalog ... and his will help reduce all the wasted catalogs sent to every one's homes.

k: I recently bought this 100% wool rug to lay right by my bed, so it's the first thing my feet touch when I wake up and I totally love it, especially since I have concrete floors... only $29 at Ikea! Cozy.

t: my dermatologist recommended that i use cetaphil cream as my everyday lotion on my skin & i'm obsessed! she told me that any lotion that comes in a "pump" bottle is watered down for it to work, so using a cream in a tub is always better for your skin!

k: I think I'm the last person on earth to get an electric toothbrush, but I honestly can't believe how much cleaner my teeth feel and how much whiter they are! Here's the one I got, the newest product by my celeb dentist, Dr. Raymond at Bling Dental!


  1. T - I want to get an ipad now, just for that app - such a brilliant idea!

  2. I bought those target shoes yesterday :) love them!! mine were even on sale for $20!


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