Tuesday, December 6, 2011

guest post! tunes I love tuesday :: M83

we are so excited to have a guest post by our dear friend Via - she is such a good writer, we think she definitely needs to start a blog, right?! check it:

Aside from this new mini skirt I'm wearing, there's nothing I love more than live music. So when I heard we were going to M83 on, 11.11.11, at the Wonder Ballroom in Portland - I was pumped! I didn't know much of their music -- other than what I'd heard (and loved) in the recent Red Bull film Art of Flight.

Originating in Antibes, France in 2001 and now based in Los Angeles, M83 is a French indie-pop band drawing a mixed crowd of excited teens, hungry twenty-somethings, and hotties in their dirty thirties.

From the moment the house lights came down, and the crazy I-wish-I-were-under-the-influence of-something-other-than-box-wine lights came up, I was sold!

They never stopped. The set list was tight. The packed crowd was wildly enthused. I was in hipster-dance-party heaven.

Monday's Willamette Week review said it perfectly: "M83 suggest a strong '80s influence, filtered through 21st century technology, song-writing and production techniques, and are amongst a growing group of indie and alternative bands that are dipping back into 30-year old New Wave and Post Punk sounds for inspiration."

Lace up your Keds, peal on your skinnies, and check 'em out,
peeps! This band is fist-pumping fun.

thanks Via - we heart you!


  1. they are super fun!!! i'm so glad more people are getting into them now! great post, and yes, via needs her own blog :)

  2. yay via! great post! i love how you write!


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