Monday, March 12, 2012

practically stolen :: equipment blouse

i've been wanting a silk equipment blouse for awhile, but $207 is steep! i just happened to stumble on this silk beauty over the weekend at the rack for $70! #loveadeal
ps: a while back my boss was telling me that she always wears silk on dates, she said, "it says, 'touch me...i'm classy'.


  1. love the blouse! and your boss sounds hilarious!

  2. Ha ha haaaa! Touch me I'm classy

  3. I love that this is a blog run by two best friends in two different cities! I just saw a comment one of you left on one of my recipes for minted magazine's blog. I really love your blog concept! More specifically I love this equipment shirt for such a good price! (Ive been wanting one too!) I am already following you! Maybe you'd like to check out my blog too? feel free to follow if you would like.


  4. your boss is amazing! also, i am so shocked you were at the rack and scored something amazing. just shocked. :)


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