Thursday, June 7, 2012


i'm declaring a new fitness craze for summer - tramping.  the family who owns the house i live in got a trampoline recently and I'm not gonna lie, i'm kind of addicted to jumping on it.  my friend via came over last night and we got so out of breath from jumping (and laughing) - it's a full body workout!  find a trampoline near you and give it a go! #sofun  
xo, k

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  1. hah!! that sounds like a blast!! i was always jelly of those kids who had trampolines growing up! you should open a tramping studio! haha

  2. it could be called, "the lady likes to tramp"!

  3. to all my fellow tramps out there, your heart (and inner thighs) will thank you for indulging in a little 'tramp time'!

  4. yes! i used to train a husband and wife at their home. their warm-up was 5 minutes on the kids' trampoline including a 2 minute game of Popcorn! SO MUCH FUN... and lots of entertainment for me ; )

  5. this is brilliant... i wanna buy one stat!

  6. awesome idea. i need one!


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