Friday, July 6, 2012

um, hi...

remember us?  yeah, we know, we've been pretty MIA lately...but we have good excuses!  all of you people insist on getting married when it's beautiful and sunny out, so T has been swamped, shooting weddings, engagement photos - check out what she's been up to here.  

as for me? i have some big news!  on monday my dad and I will be hitting the road from PDX to SAN with a u-haul filled with all of my belongings (more than i realized, as i'm packing today!), with my Volvo in tow.  yep, i'm moving back to san diego! i'm beyond sad to say goodbye to my bffs in PDX, but i am excited for sun and new adventures + mbah will finally be in the same city! we'll be back next week and posting more than ever.  have a fab weekend! xoxo, t & k



  1. good luck with the move! welcome back! :)

  2. Miss you weird coming to work today...and no Krissy :-(


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