Tuesday, September 4, 2012

try this :: threading

in my never ending quest for perfect brows (and the next new thing), i popped into Beauty By Dolly in Hillcrest for sugaring (see this post.) and found out that they only do threading on brows.  i'd hear of this, so i decided to give it a go and i'm a fan! does it hurt?  duh. but really no more than waxing or plucking and it is super quick. plus, i liked that there's no hot wax so close to my eyes #makesmenervous. if you're in the san diego area, definitely check out Beauty By Dolly - it's walk-in only, they can pretty much always see you right away and it's very inexpensive. def my new spot!  xo, k


  1. yeah, i need to try this too... i am obsessed with my brow lady but i'd try it on my lip. TMI?


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