Sunday, November 29, 2009

Black weekend...

I'm bored. When I'm bored, I spend. I normally dread the crowds that Black Friday draws, but decided to brave it anyway this weekend. I bought several Christmas presents (hint: Santa's lovin' cashmere this year, folks!) I also recently "donated" all of my bath towels to my former "roommate", which meant I had to go get all new white fluffy towels today . . . darn. TJ Maxx had DKNY, 100% cotton for $7.99 each - love that!

I also visited Aritzia, where they were having their 25th anniversary sale. Everything in the store was on sale and thanks to my sweet, saintly mother, I had a $100 gift certificate. I picked up some fab gray leggings by TNA and a great cashmere/cotton/silk wrap cardigan by Wilfred. Together they'll be super cute with a skinny belt and heels/flats/boots.

Finally, I killed some time in the easiest place in the mall to spend money . . . Sephora. Here are a few of my favorite beauty must-haves:

I'm obsessed with the creaseless cream shadows by Benefit. I've tried Birthday Suit and Flatter Me, both amazing shades, but this time I went with R.S.V.P. I love these because they truly, truly don't crease at all, they have great shimmer and they last forever. You can also layer powder shadows over them. I usually go with MAC Satin Taupe or Style Snob for the crease.

Also by Benefit, this Eye Bright stick is fantastic. They call it a "nap in a stick" and that's exactly what it is.

I also recently picked up this concealer compact by Laura Mercier and so far, I'm kind of loving it.

Everyone knows the baby powder trick for greasy hair, but I love this hair powder by Oscar Blandi. It smells more citrus-y, less baby and has a great texture.

I heard about this new lipstick, Our Pick, by MAC on and while it is NOT the best color (it's like a cement, taupe-y shade), it layers amazingly with almost every other lipstick I have. It's almost like a "base" color or something.

Finally, my good friend turned me on to this nail color like 7 years ago and I have never looked back. It's truly the best red there is. Two words: Malaga Wine.

What else do I need to try? xoxo

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  1. i have to admit it was sooooo nice to be in costa rica, completely away from the black friday madness! but i gotta try those from sephora!


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