Saturday, November 21, 2009

Praying for sun...

I've never been super into sunglasses. I really don't mind having the sun in my eyes, I don't love how dark they make things and I always seem to lose or break them. Not only that, but I have a pretty narrow face and so many styles make me look like a child playing dress-up with my mother's glasses! Unfortunately, the wrinkles around my eyes have gotten very noticeable in the past year or so, I'm going to force myself to start wearing them. Here are a few must-have pairs I have added to my wish list:

I heart these Prada shades.
These by Tom Ford are my all-time favorite sunglasses. So, so flattering and I love the gunmetal grey color. I'll need to sell a lot of ads to justify the price, though!
I also love these by Marc by Marc Jacobs and at $98, they're totally reasonable!

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