Monday, November 9, 2009

gray day

i love gray! it's been my favorite color for a long time... which i know is kind of weird, but i just love it.... so i was very happy when this color started trending a while back.... and now everyone is making all kinds of things gray!

here are some of my recent gray finds i love:

i want this dress

i just bought this hat and love it (and it looks much better on than this photo)

found this bag last month on of all places! (and it was only $19.95!) i can't stop wearing it!

i'm wearing these leggings right now

and now my favorite nail polish color comes in matte finish! :)
sephora by OPI in matte metro chic

yay for gray! it's a color that makes me happy.... :)


  1. Yay for gray, I'm obsessed, too!!! I just got some fake gray uggs at Costco and I'm desperate for this gray patent handbag from Coach. Remember, I get 50% off if you want anything! I'm pumped to try the matte version of Metro Chic! xo

  2. Yeah!! Another blog for me to read by 2 of my friends!! i'm so excited! :)

  3. Yeah, I can dress like the best fashionistas I know now;) I’m miss b too! Very cool ladies and it’s funny that you like grey—I have very much been in the mood for the color and in fact have painted my dining room metallic silver because of it. The Ralph Laurent paint is difficult to work with but it’s shimmery now. I also just got a pair of grey low top boots that are fun. Grey goes with everything-- it's the new, hip black.


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