Sunday, November 8, 2009

leggings, leggings and more leggings

Those who know me, know I've recently developed a obsession with leggings (or stretch pants, as I called them in the 80's). They're really the perfect pant... great for working out, great for lounging, great for going out, great for work with boots and a sweater dress...AND now, perfect for surgery recovery. Jeans aren't the most comfortable things to put on right now, so I've been living in comfy clothes. Needless to say, I've been in a constant pursuit of the perfect pair. I've purchased several different brands that have been not-so-perfect, but with the help of my new favorite Nordstrom salesperson, I found a couple of pairs that might be just what I'm looking for. I've rated a few below, check it out!

American Apparel - $26 - 95%/cotton/5% Elastane - purchased, worn - These are perfect, as long as they are replaced frequently. They should be purchased to fit snug, as they stretch out a bit. I think they have a bit too much cotton, so they fade a bit, but they're a great pick for infrequent wear and in the warmer months.

Forever 21 - $4.50 - 94% cotton/6% spandex - purchased, worn - These should be probably be reserved for sleeping and lounging. I think they just have a little lower thread count than the AA ones, but they are super cheap and perfect if you need a nice black, new pair on the spur of the moment

Target - $6 - 95% cotton/5% spandex - purchased, worn - See F21 review. Same quality, similar price point.

Tart - $19.99 - spandex/modal - purchased, worn - I got these at the Rack and they are a great pair of leggings... super stretchy. My only complaint is that they are shorter in length and when hung to dry, seem to show some wrinkles in the light...

Ella Moss - $64 - rayon/spandex - tried on, rejected - The salesperson at Nordstrom swears by these. I personally thought for the price (a whopping $68), they seemed to bag out in the butt a bit, but had they been a tad cheaper, I probably would've tried them out. They didn't have quite enough stretch, but could be super cute, depending on what one is looking for.

Hue - $25 - cotton/spandex - tried on, rejected - These fit cute, but were very similar to the American Apparel pair. My feelings are they'd wear about the same.

Trouve - $38 - polyester/rayon/spandex - purchased, yet to be worn - The salesgal brought these in and I think they might be a new favorite! Very similar to the Ella Moss style, but fits a bit better, in my opinion and less of an investment. These are sort of between a legging and a "ponte pant"?? Definitely a thicker and more substantial pant... better for winter.

Zella - $48 - polyester/spandex - purchased, yet to be worn - She also brought these in and while they are more of an "athletic" legging with a banded top, the fit is perfect and they are super comfy. Because there's no cotton, I'm imagining that they won't stretch out or fade easily.

Here's a photo of the Trouve's:

Stay tuned to find out how these wear! Stretch pants, anyone?


  1. yay for soft pants!! i'm obsessed too and seriously wear them all the time now. i have some jean looking one on today. :)

  2. i totally thought the exact same thing about the splendid leggings! they are saggy in the crotch! i tried them on at barney's co-up 'cause they had ruching on the side of the ankles but i'm not trying to look like a tranny with a bad tuck job!

    did you ever try LNAs?

  3. No, I think the LnA's are a little rich for my blood, but the Trouve's are pretty rad! I'm wearing the Zella's today and they're more like workout pant material, but are so thick and comfortable . . . and reversible! They're awesome!

  4. Yeah... $100 for leggings is steep for sure! I should give those Trouve's a shot!

  5. You gotta try the ones in Duck Duck Goose...they are so comfy and I've tried alot...$22 good price too !


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