Friday, November 6, 2009

i scream...

so i discovered this stuff a few weeks ago and i can't stop buying it (and sadly eating it)! it's the best stuff ever!
it's coconut bliss ice cream... and the greatest part is that it's not that bad for you! (yay!). it's made with coconut milk and sweetened with agave syrup. and it tastes amazing... especially if you're a fan of coconut!

it's soy, dairy, & gluten free, low glycemic, vegan... and organic! check out the nutritional info.
it also comes in 10 yummy flavors. my favs are dark chocolate and then naked coconut. i still haven't tried the mint one.... so that's next i think!

anyway... if you haven't tried this amazing stuff... go out to your local natural foods store and buy some!

cheers to a yummy (as good for you as it gets) ice cream! happy friday.


  1. DItto! And these dudes are from Oregon-even better. Who needs cows when coconuts are readily available?!


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