Friday, November 13, 2009


I love this site:  lookbook
i discovered it a while back and use it a lot for my job, but now i like it for personal use too. i could spend hours on here.

this site lets users from all over the world post photos of themselves in their latest fashion creation... and you can search by item (heels, shorts, jackets, etc), color, brand, country (or combine any of them).... the possibilities are endless. it's a great way to get some ideas & inspiration for some new looks.

Here are some I found today that I like....

i love these shoes...

i like this look.... great shoes and jeans:

 love the jean vest over an old t:

i heart this scarf...

this sweater is sick:

i want a pair of hidden wedge booties like these... like this jacket too:

another look i liked:

like this too... not sure why.

love this whole outfit:

again... want some booties like these:

i like how the light & airy off white dress contrasts with the black leggings/shoes:

want this whole outfit... and the glasses:

i can't get enough of jean shorts over black leggings (actually wearing them right now!) best way to transition your shorts into fall (especially when living in warmer places like san diego).


so go check out for some amazing fashion inspiration!
and happy friday! whoo-whoo!!

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  1. LOVE this! Especially the jean shorts over tights. Super cute! I'm determined to find some cute booties over the weekend, I can't find the Sam Edelman ones anywhere in my size! :(


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