Wednesday, February 10, 2010

All about the hair.

I have color issues. I know what I want it to look like, but no matter what, I'm never happy with the results when I get it done. Too streaky, too highlight-y, too soccer mom-y, too brassy or too purple-y. I always prefer it about 3 weeks grown out, but by then the ends are dull, plus there's such a harsh line where it's grown out.

Enter Balayage. This technique is designed to make hair look sunkissed and more natural. I guess they sort of "paint" the hair, instead of using foils. We recently had an intern at work who had it done and it looked awesome. It's apparently used on all of my hair idols (see below) and I found a gal in Portland that does it. Word on the streets is she's kind of a rock star. Stay tuned!

Love, love, love Gisele's hair....and her husband.

Thanks San Diego Songbirds for the inspiration!

Who else could pull this outfit off?
Like she just stepped out of the surf...

Who doesn't love Jennifer Aniston's hair??


  1. I need to get this done! Thanks for the hot tip!

  2. i heart roots! forever i've been dying to have the perfect sjp roots/blonde hair... since i could never get it right either, i opted to just go dark! keep us posted on how this turns out!

  3. hey K-Dog you know what I really want is the brazilian blow out to take away my frizz and to have ready to go hair. Bummer is it only last 12 weeks and cost $250.

  4. I have a friend who gets Brazilian Blowouts done and she loves them! I don't really mind flatironing mine every day, but if I get caught in the rain, these bangs are done for! I have a flat iron at my desk for such occasions. :)

  5. shocked you found someone in Portland of all places to do this! we're not typically known for being ahead of the curve on fashion and beauty trends :)


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