Thursday, February 11, 2010

off to the blizzard

i'm off to NY tomorrow for work.... and it's going to be a cold trip! it snowed a bunch yesterday...
so i'm going to need all the warm clothes i can pack!

here are few of my favorite cold weather accessories...

i'm obsessed with eternity scarves and have a serious problem with buying too many. but i wear the crap out of them so i guess it's okay...

love this one from urban...  (but i'm going to refrain from buying it)

i bought these boots last year for my east coast winter travels and they were the best buy ever! they are made by ugg so they are so cozy and warm. the tiny heeled sole has good grip for walking on snowy streets and they look so cute on. they hug the calf perfectly and go with everything. i will definitely be bringing these with me.

 i will be bringing lots of warm cozy hats.... this one is cute from anthro. (in grey of course! ha)

i got some fingerless gloves that look just like these ones from shopbop, but i found mine at forever 21 for $7 :)

anyway... i need to get packing. i'll try to send an update while i'm out there. 

ps - did you guys hear about Alexander McQueen? i'm so sad... :(


  1. Have so much fun! I wish you were taking me with you!!! And, yes, so sad about McQueen. :(

  2. You're going to New York?? Have a safe trip! I work in the bldg next to you and I learn more about you on your blog than anywhere else! We need to have lunch when you get back! :)

  3. Have so much fun! You're going to be stylin. I'm beyond jealous. But I'm so stoked for warm weather this weekend.
    Thank you thank you for all the referrals. Seriously. I owe you. Big time.

    And yes! So sad about Alexander McQueen.

  4. these seem like the perfect wintry accessories =)

  5. Ahh! I've been in NYC in February and it's flipping beyond cold. Have a great trip and hurry back so you can thaw out in the warm weather we're supposed to be having!


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