Wednesday, February 17, 2010

fingerless gloves.

hi friends... 
so, while in new york, i've managed to loose not only one pair of gloves, but two! first i lost my really warm ones that i've had for a long time and love. booo! :(  - i think they fell out of my bag. 
the next pair, which i blogged about here... have also gone missing from my bag?! i have no idea where either of them went to... i've had an ugly cold on this trip and i think all the cold meds are making me a spaz because i can't believe i lost all my gloves in this freezing weather! 

well, today while walking around soho... a sharp chilly wind kicked up and i was frozen so i ran into american apparel and found these little gems

i love them because i can stay warm and also use my iphone to help me find my way around and still take photos with my camera. the touch screen on iphones won't work with normal gloves and i can't seem to work my camera either (i'm from cali, remember)... so these are perfect for me! (and only $12).
i also like these better than the other ones i've seen around because the fingers are still long, so only the very tips pop out, so they still keep my hands toasty!  (i just need to keep an eye on these guys).

so the moral of my story: i'm happy i'm a mess and lost my other two gloves to find the perfect pair! :)


  1. Stay warm!! We miss you back here! Hope you are having a great trip...despite the cold!

  2. I was reminded of how awesome fingerless gloves are when I was walking around NYC this past weekend. I (unfortunately) have the Crackberry Storm which requires a warm touch -- it was so frustrating to have to keep pulling off my gloves. And I know I have fingerless ones somewhere in my parents house...

  3. Whoever invented these is a genius! Love the black pair in the photo!


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