Friday, April 30, 2010

Core power to ya.

Happy Friday friends! Any big plans for the weekend? One thing I'll for sure be doing is hot yoga. My girlfriend convinced me to take a class with her and claimed I'd start "craving the heat". I was skeptical. I tend to get a bit bored during yoga and find myself clock-watching instead of breathing into my downward facing dog... but that was before I tried Corepower. It's Vinyasa style, so you're pretty much moving the entire time and the heat allows you to really get into the poses. The gals I know that have been doing it for awhile have amazing bodies.

The folks at Corepower are pretty smart too. New students get one FREE week of unlimited yoga. They know that once you go to a few classes, you'll be totally hooked and fork over the cash to keep going . . . which I did yesterday. They're kind of like drug dealers. :)

They have studios in various areas of the country and I just saw that one is opening in Encinitas this summer, so for those of you down in that hood, keep an eye out!


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