Tuesday, May 4, 2010

coffee, friends, blogs, & color...

hello! happy tuesday... :)
hope everyone is doing well... 
i had a fabulous time this past saturday meeting up with some local blog friends! 
brandi, shelby, haydee, heather, and i all met up for coffee at the pannikin. A few of us had never met.... so it was so awesome to put a face to the blogs we've been reading! The 5 of us had the most amazing & interesting conversations. we ended up sitting there for 3 hours talking about everything! it was so awesome to meet such a smart & unique group of girls... so inspiring! 
check out their blogs if you haven't already... each one is amazing! 

the pannikin via flickr

speaking of blogs i love.... if you don't already follow color me katie, you must go take a look at her stuff!
she is the most positive and inspiring artist. you can't help but smile visiting her colorful blog.

here's a short video that explains her work as a street artist. the world needs more people like katie! ;)


  1. I've been catching up on Color Me Katie posts since you mentioned her on Saturday. Can I tell you how awesome it was to meet you? I just had so much fun with you and the other ladies!! It made my weekend.

  2. Um, jealous! Wish I could have met you all, too!


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