Friday, June 11, 2010

It's June? Really?

Geez Louise! We are having a VERY rainy June up here in the Pacific Northwest and if I can be honest, it makes getting dressed for work kind of a bitch. I'm ready for warm weather, sundresses, tanks, pedis and sandals. However, if I had these, I might be able to put up the rain a little bit longer. Loving these waterproof pumps. These are part of a collaboration between Slow and Steady Wins the Race and a local shop called Stand-Up Comedy.

Happy Friday, friends! xoxo


  1. it's been gloomy down here in sd too! i LOVE these! super cute. i love the color of the last ones.

  2. Yes, So Cal has been quite gloomy lately! The Pacific Northwest sounds so nice!

  3. It's so June gloom down here in So Cal, not even just hazy, this year it's cold! Sorry for all the rain, I'm going to predict a gorgeous July for all!


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