Thursday, June 10, 2010


ha... so as i was doing this post, i got the new kids "popsicle" song in my head! haha do you remember that? i was never a big new kid fan, but my bff dana sure was!
you must listen to this song... love the sweet breakdown rap towards the end! haha

i want one of these popsicle makers... so perfect for summer! it would be fun to have if you had kids... but i think i would have fun myself making all these different kinds. i especially love the ones with fruit slices in them! so cute. you could get really creative...

fun to bust out when hosting a little party too... 

available here


  1. Oh these look really good and cute! Can't say I know this song, but more importantly, they're on tour?

  2. ha! i saw that after this posted and it made me laugh. ;)

  3. TOTAL blast from the past with that song. And those popsicles look delicious. I'm so glad summer's here.

  4. I just bought a popsicle maker last week! :) I just put regular yogurt in them and freeze it! I'm going to try with the fruit slices! So cute!


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