Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Practically stolen: Luxury Rebel Wedges

Okay, so not really . . . these were still $99, BUT originally $185! I was at the Rack this weekend (shocking, I know, but think of it as my hobby . . . like hiking or surfing, maybe) and I stumbled upon these summer wedges by Luxury Rebel in the designer shoe section. I actually bought them in a really rad shade of gray, but these were the only images I could find. They had the coral ones, as well, in a 9, if anyone's interested!

It was love at first sight. I'm even happier to report that I wore them all day yesterday without so much of a twinge of pain. There's nothing like a new pair of shoes that are hot AND comfortable to start the week off right!


  1. oh i love them!!! good find!
    i want to read chelsea chelsea bang bang! ;)

  2. No way! I've been looking for coral wedges for my wedding for months! I'm a size 9! Was it at a Rack in Portland?!

  3. Liz! These are in Portland at the downtown Rack in the designer shoe section! I picked them up on Saturday, so there's a very good chance they're still there. Keep me posted on if you find them or not, I'm so curious to see if you love them as much as I do!

  4. Yay! Exciting! I'm going to look tonight!! Thanks so much for the tip!!

  5. krissy, deal-hunting is a hobby... we should not have to be ashamed! be loud, be proud! it takes a lot of skill to hunt for good deals and you are practically a shopping saint for the hours you put in at the rack! ;)


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